What if there was a magical box of always identical socks… No pairing, no left or right, no sock left behind!

Welcome to A Week of Socks. You are one of the very first to come visit, an early adopter, a trail blazer. We are delighted you have stopped by and would love to tell you a little about why we do what we do. 


Like so many business ideas, A Week Of Socks was born out of frustration. Pairing socks is a chore. Odd socks are irritating.

What if there was a magical box of always identical socks? Just take two and go, all week. No matching. No left or right. No sock left behind!


We need all types of socks to get through everything a busy week throws at us – be it casual, work, athletic, formal or downtime.

Socks that are supremely comfortable, extremely durable, thoughtfully designed, and fairly priced to boot.

Socks that go into, and come out of the wash already sorted, in a way that protects and prolongs their life.

That got us thinking. And researching.


We set about designing, refining and testing socks tirelessly. We wore and re-wore, washed and re-washed countless socks from around the world.

We talked to many sock manufacturers searching out passion. Passion for materials, comfort and quality. Passion for reliability, both in the manufacture and supply of quality socks.

After much legwork, we found a sock manufacturer that gets as excited about the intricacies of socks as we do. We are delighted to be working with them as we grow our business and expand our sock range.


The idea for the laundry bag came from my mother - Growing up in a hectic house of three teenage boys, anything that streamlined chores was very welcome. We were each given a laundry bag for socks and pants that then went from washing machine to tumble dryer to bedroom drawer. For many years this system worked a treat in our house and now we have adapted it to suit our no pairing, no odd socks philosophy. 


Then we completely re-imagined what packaging could be. Instead of being recycled or dumped, our Socks Box is functional and beautiful. A perfect way to store your socks.

We figured you would need at least seven pairs of identical socks in the box. That will get most people through the average week.


And we are only getting started. We are currently working hard on developing our range. Watch this space for of invisible, quarter length and crew socks. But all in good time - we need to perfect them first.


Our icon comprises 7 socks - a nod to the number of pairs in each box of our socks - arranged to represent a tree - which reflects our commitment to the environment and minimising packaging waste.

This is how and why we came up with A Week Of Socks. And our no pairing, no left or right, no odd socks philosophy.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Reach out anytime. We love to chat!

Brian Lennon

Sock Wearer & Washer, Founder

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