Socks. Simplified.

Always Identical Socks For A Busy Life.

Just Grab Two And Go.

No Matching, No Pairing, No Odd Socks.

This Is Your Socks Box.

Meet Our Innovative, Expanding, Keep Forever Socks Box.

A Week Of Socks.

Our always identical, premium quality men's socks mean
no more pairing and no odd socks.

  • The Frustration.

  • The Solution.

  • The Difference.

Like so many business ideas, A Week Of Socks was born out of frustration… Pairing socks is a chore. Odd socks are irritating. Lefts and rights are just unnecessary. Surely we could reduce rummaging in a basket of wet laundry. That got us thinking…

Thus was born our supremely practical always identical socks philosophy -  no pairing, no left or right, no odd socks, no more. And thinking beyond the wearing of socks to their washing, matching and storage…

What sets us apart is our unerring commitment to quality, comfort and durability, our beautiful and unique expanding Socks Box and our handy travel/laundry bag - all part of the A Week Of Socks package.


Making your life easier.

Just grab two and go. All week.

  • Wear them.

    Experience the joy of wearing socks truly made for everyday wear. Working or working out, running errands, or simply lounging at home, keep your feet happy + comfortable all day long.

  • Wash them.

    Keep your socks together and prolong their life with our handy laundry bag! Also great for taking your socks on your travels!

  • Store them.

    Elevate your sock organization game with our unique expandable keep forever box. An innovative eco-friendly packaging solution.

  • Love them.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We obsess over our customers and our socks. If you are not completely happy, we will make it right.

Tell Me About The Socks

Every sock in the box is identical. That means no pairing, no left or right and no odd socks. Just grab two and get on with your day. 

Your socks are made from premium quality combed cotton for softness, comfort and durability with some Polyamide (Nylon) and Elastene added to give stretch. This carefully chosen blend will give you the ultimate sock experience.

Tell Me About The Box

Each order of socks ships in a beautiful and innovative everlasting gift box that doubles (literally!) as a storage box for your socks. Keep it on a shelf or in a drawer to keep your socks in order. 

The box is eco-friendly as it gets used with purpose indefinitely rather than recycled or dumped. It also means that we don’t have to use any extra paper, card, plastic or metal clips to package your socks.

Tell Me About The Bag

Each order of socks contains a laundry/travel bag. First off, you can wash (and tumble dry) your socks in this bag which both keeps them together (less sorting!) and also protects them in the wash cycle, prolonging their life.

The bag is also really handy when you are traveling. You can pack them straight in your suitcase - both compact and organised! Extra bags are available for other items or used laundry.

What Our Customers Say...

Really good quality socks. Beautiful Packaging. Made a great gift.

Marie A., Birmingham, United Kingdom

As someone who hates pairing socks this concept jumped out at me. It really is quite a clever idea. One less thing to worry about.

Thomas V., London, United Kingdom

The sports socks are really comfortable. I wear them pretty much every day - both for running and working from home

Joel K., Galway, Ireland

Five Stars. Love the whole setup.

Timothy A., Windsor, United Kingdom

Bought them for my husband and he loves them. As do I - one week in and already making life easier.

Natasha P., Brighton, United Kingdom

I heard about A Week Of Socks through a friend and decided to give them a shot as I was due some new socks. First off, they pass my most important test - they stay up all day! On top of that, they are super comfy. The folding box and laundry bag are a great touch. Converted.

Kev S. Dublin, Ireland

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